CareCo Napoli Pebble PU Leather Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair


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The Napoli Riser Recliner might not be packed with features, but if you're looking for simple, luxurious comfort then it could be the perfect chair for you. Durable PU leather upholstery and an elegant, modern shape helps the Napoli to stand out in any living room setting.

The Napoli is a dual motor mobility armchair, so it offers a lot more comfort compared with a standard armchair or even a single motor riser recliner. Dual motor riser recliner chairs let you adjust the footrest and the backrest separately, offering an almost infinite number of seating positions. This is particularly useful if you spend a lot time sitting down, as changing the position of the chair helps you to reduce pressure in certain parts of your body over the course of the day.

As a lift and rise chair, the Napoli offers comfort as well as independence at home. The riser motor slowly eases you up and forwards, so you don't have to strain your wrists or wait for help when you want to stand up. And when you want to relax again, the Napoli will gently lower you back to a seated position.

Each function of the Napoli Riser Recliner is controlled using the simple big-button handset, which can be conveniently stored in one of the two side pockets. These pockets also come in handy for keeping books, magazines and other remotes within easy reach.The Napoli is upholstered in PU Pebble leather.


Height (cm): 107

Length (cm): 84

Width (cm): 73

Seat Height(cm): 48

Seat Width(cm): 52

Seat Depth(cm): 55

Max User Weight (kg): 125

Dual/Single Motor: Dual

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